Paris   October/November 2004



The Classroom :


Isabelle ,Jim, Nick, Marie and Thierry                                                                                         Jim   and    Andrew


                     Bill                                                                                                                             Tom



                               Thierry                                                                                                                    Nick


            Thierry ,  Sam and  Tom                                                                                         Nick  ,  Thierry  and   Bill



                   A night to remember at the Moulin Rouge                                                             A Great Meal  and show !                                                                                                                           

Cake and Drinks on the last day      


Paris  the City :



                     Notre-Dame Cathedral                                                                                  Arc de Triomphe          

                       223 Feet Tall                                                                                                    164 Feet Tall    



                    Arc de Triomphe    from Concorde                                                                           Traffic at Arc de Triomphe     


        The Obelisk from Luxor in  Concorde                                                                                L'Arche de la Defense

        90 feet Tall   and over 3000 years old                                                                                      330 Feet Tall


                                  Palais du Versailles




                                                    St. Michel and the Latin Quarter  Boutique Shops and many fine restaurants


          Tour de Eiffel -  Bill and Deb                                                                 View From  Place du  Trocadero

                   984 Feet Tall  exact same spot Hitler stood in 1941 when the Germans invaded France in WW 2



                                          Tour de Eiffel                                                 Picture from the Tower View of Ecole Militaire



The Shooting at the Eiffel Tower Nov 12, 2004


My wife and I went to tour the Eiffel tower on this date and ended up inside the Pilier Ouest  when a deranged person who was hand cuffed at the time  managed to get hold of a policeman's gun and fire six shots. He narrowly missed us by several feet shattering a window to our left.  A police officer was shot in the shoulder , one security guard was hit in the arm and another was hit in the neck.


   More Police arrive on scene   ( That is a soldier with a machine gun)                                 Ambulance arrives soon after

  Injured  Policeman is put into waiting ambulance


Because of the shooting we were not able to go up the tower !

So the next day we went back and after telling security what happened the day before we were ushered to the elevators to go up, bypassing the long lines.

The Ouest Pilier  was still closed  the next day but I was able to take some pictures.


            Pilier Ouest                                                                                                         Area to line up for tickets



                   Ticket Booth                                                                                        Entrance to Pilier with elevator straight ahead

                                                                                      The elevator is a double deck type, so you can load on this floor or up the spiral staircase


Staircase that we were standing on ( we were almost at the top around the curve.         Landing where us and about 15 other people took cover

 Shooter was on other side of staircase on ground level.

You can see the two  windows broken from the bullets that were to our left about 3-4 feet